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The Project

As an international consultant and through my interventions in the field of Procurement, I have come to work with international organisations such as the World Bank, Bouygues Construction, Hutchinson, Air Liquide or Elis, and was therefore faced with their challenges. I have become aware of how essential it is to be able to mobilise all the creative resources of the teams within privileged encounters to achieve their goals.


I chose to explore my own creativity particularly through watercolor to enjoy all its benefits : it's impacted on my thinking process, my choices and has enabled me to let my intuitions and spontaneity flow freely.

B-ArtWorkshop has thus two immediate goals:

  • it allows me to share my watercolors and let them inspire others.

  • it is a solution for organisations who need to enable their teams to break out of the box. It can help include each individual's creativity and allow them to think more freely, cooperate more effectively, transform sustainably and be successful together.

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