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B. in a few words...

Benoit Seronde

For over than 25 years, I have been working worldwide with organisations in Procurement and developing my expertise in various fields of activity both in the public and private sectors. As a consultant and trainer, I use my experience in many transformation and development projects. I help on the field international and intercultural teams strengthen their agility and collective efficiency.

I graduated from Edhec Business School in 1995. I was certified as a Human Element practitioner in 2015 and as a Professional Co-Development practitioner in 2017.

In both my personal and professional lives, I have had the chance to travel and meet different cultures especially in Africa, a vibrant, colorful and contrasted land. These journeys have completely influenced my creative inspirations.

I fully express myself through painting and percussions which both give me rhythm and allow my creative abilities to grow. I can take my watercolors everywhere with me and inspiration comes during this nomadic experience. 


I encountered this technique through empirical exploration of the harmonies of colors, the quantity of water and the brushstrokes. I was among others touched by Jackson Pollock's work, so much so that my technique sometimes echoes his dripping effect.  I often find contemporary art exhibitions to be a source of inspiration as I travel around the world.

Burundi - Tanganyika Lake

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